Relax. Refresh. Rejuvenate.

Regardless of whether you want to fight through jet lag or fall into a deep sleep, the wellness technologies from wellness real-estate pioneer Delos, in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Deepak Chopra, are designed to help you tailor your Las Vegas experience and make it whatever you’d like it to be – including relaxing.

The Stay Well rooms provide an unprecedented opportunity for a complete wellness hotel experience.

Private Registration in the Stay Well Lounge

Enjoy exclusive access to the Stay Well Lounge, a registration area in the lobby designed only for our Stay Well and Prime Suite guests. Open 9am - 9pm daily, with complimentary fruit and water.

Free Access to the Fitness Center in the Grand Spa

Stay Well guests receive free access to the Fitness Center located in the Grand Spa, which is a $25 charge for our regular hotel guests.

Exclusive Stay Well Spa Treatments

Enjoy a Stay Well Aromatherapy Massage or a Restoring Vitamin C Facial, provided exclusively to Stay Well guests at the Grand Spa. Click here for pricing and more information.

Vitamin C Shower

The Vitamin C shower system provides the powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin C through a proprietary cartridge, which neutralizes the effect of chlorine, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock

Provides guests with the ability to be gently awakened by a dawn simulator, which uses increasing levels or music or natural sound, coupled with gradually increasing light.

Healthy Menu Options

The unique in-room dining menu for Stay Well guests provides healthy options designed by leading nutritionists, offering plates such as fresh fruit and steel cut oatmeal.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

An optional aroma infusion for your Stay Well Room.

Air Purification System

These silent filters provide additional purification of the air, giving significant benefits – especially for those with asthma or allergies.

Energizing Light

Energizing lights are located in the bathroom of each Stay Well Room, where you can use the bright white light in the mornings to reset your wake and sleep cycles, stimulate the eyes' photoreceptors and get ready for the day ahead.

Mattress & Pillow Encasement Covers

These encasement covers provide additional protection from any allergens or sensitivities.

Warm White Room Lighting

All the Stay Well Rooms use energy efficient LED lighting that produces a soft, warm white light, improving your mood and the ambiance of your stay.

Hypoallergenic Bedding

Offers you peace of mind knowing that allergens are kept at bay and skin sensitivities will not be irritated by potent detergents or bothersome fabrics.

Long Wave Night Lights

We incorporate long wave night lights in hallways and bathrooms, designed to sufficiently illuminate rooms for safe navigation without disturbing sleep.

Cleveland Clinic Access

Take advantage of the award winning Cleveland Clinic online programs for sleep, stress and nutrition, using $140 in services as a Stay Well guest through the Stay Well Mobile App.

Automatic Blackout Shades

Automatic blackout shades keep you well rested and undisturbed, darkening the room at the press of a button.


AAA 4-Diamond

Expert Reviews

"I know that stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy habits, and illness define life on the road for many travelers. The STAY WELL rooms by Delos are pioneering the wellness guest experience through state-of-the-art technology, designs, and programs that improve physical and emotional well-being."
Dr. Deepak Chopra
Founder of the Chopra Foundation
Delos Advisory Board Member

"The wellness programs Cleveland Clinic is offering in the Delos-designed STAY WELL rooms address stress management, sleep and nutrition in a very direct and effective way."
Dr. Michael Roizen
Chief Wellness Officer, Cleveland Clinic
Delos Advisory Board Member

"The STAY WELL hotel rooms are the latest innovation by Delos and will be available at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas this October. The rooms will offer wellness features that are designed to ensure sounder sleep and the highest air quality - so a guest's stay will be restful and healthy."
The Honorable Dick Gephardt
Delos Advisory Board Member