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Stay Well® Meetings is the world's first ever wellness meetings experience. Offering healthy environments for high performance corporate meetings, the program provides meeting rooms and spaces designed to optimize the health and well-being of attendees, wellness programming, and Stay Well room and suite accommodations.

Featuring Delos' state-of-the-art designs and innovative wellness features, Stay Well Meetings creates a healthy work environment that helps increase the energy, focus, and productivity of attendees with meeting spaces that offer evidence-based health and wellness elements including:

Stay Well® Meetings

Acoustic Elements

Reduces the amount of noise from outside the room, allowing for an uninterrupted meeting

Air Purification

Reduces allergens, toxins, smoke and microbes from the air.


Optional use of scent creates a relaxing, mood-enhancing environment.


Natural design elements create a calming atmosphere for attendees.


Use of dynamic color design allowing for themes in meeting spaces.

Energizing Light

Engineered to emulate the properties of natural light, enhancing productivity, energy and experience.

Cleaning Protocol

Use of hypoallergenic products and state of the art UV wand cleaning tool, which neutralizes bacteria, viruses and other microbes.

Cleveland Clinic Wellness

Access to online programs for sleep, stress and nutrition.

Deepak Chopra Welcome

World-renowned wellness guru Deepak Chopra welcomes attendees.

Designated Signage

Signage indicates presence of Stay Well Meetings features and programs.

Elevator Button

Branded elevator button denotes a Stay Well floor.

Ergonomic Elements

Furniture intended to provide optimal comfort and to avoid stress or injury.

Guided Meditation

Meditation narrated by Deepak Chopra encourages attendees to relax and can help enhance focus.

Healthy Meetings Guide

Provides attendees with descriptions of the features and programs of the meeting space.

Healthy Menu Options

Approved by leading nutritionists at Cleveland Clinic Wellness and are designated by their Go! Healthy seal.

Hydration Station

Infused water strategically placed to encourage attendee hydration.

Low VOC Elements

Improves air quality through use of low VOC finishes and materials.

Stay Well Meetings App

Interactive app highlighting tools for activity, nutrition, jet lag, and Cleveland Clinic Wellness programs.

Supportive Floor Mat

Mitigates undue stress on the body that can result from standing on hard surfaces.

Virtual Biophilia

Virtual window lights bring an element of natural environment into the meeting space.

Wellness Moment

Easy to use program designed to help energize and focus meeting attendees.

Wellness Moment Kit

A variety of activities that encourages mental acuity and light physical exercise to keep attendees engaged.

Wellness Station

Innovative wellness tools such as the Wellness Moment Portal, guided meditation and more to create a smarter way to meet.

"The Stay Well Meetings Program integrates many individual features to provide attendees with positive health benefits, leading to increased creativity, collaboration, and productivity."
~ Mike Dominguez, Senior Vice President Corporate Sales, MGM Resorts International and Chairman, MPI International Board of Directors